1. John Flud's Avatar
    my iPhones iBook app shows several books not on the iPhone that need downloaded even though they are on the phone.
    click the purchased button at the bottom right and see the not on iPhone tab. it shows 14 books that need downloaded even though when I check, they are on the phone. I tried unsyncing my books and resenting, tried rebooting the phone, logging off and back into iCloud and even just downloading them, by touching the iCloud download button, which causes it to start downloading for a split second, then stop and go back to the cloud download button. and the books are still on my phone.

    what's the deal here? anybody else have this issue? any solutions?
    10-29-2014 04:44 AM
  2. gordol's Avatar
    I had something very similar happen to me in the App Store, it kept saying there was an update but no apps showed with an update available. In my case, I figured out which app it was because I had held off actually updating it until after doing a restore (it has a ~1GB database that needs to be downloaded separately after an install/update).

    Deleted the item and re-downloaded it, success.

    Re-sync the books, if you have started to read them, then delete and re-retrieve them.
    10-29-2014 07:03 AM
  3. benji888578's Avatar
    I did clean install of yosemite, and having similar issues with iBooks, seems to be some kind of major issue here, I can start to download the ibooks, but, then it gives me a "failed" error when it was mostly downloaded. I can't get my ibooks back in ibooks, what the ef?

    This is aggravating, between this and iTunes 12 overall suckiness, Apple needs to go back a couple years and start over, they made some kind of major mistakes with functionality, trading off for "design". We need Apple to fix the functionality first, then care about design aesthetic.

    Another iTunes/iCloud major, major oversight...I put all my email accounts in my Mac, I used to be able to connect iOS device to iTunes, and select to overwrite all my mail settings with the settings from my Mac...this functionality left somewhere between iTunes 10-12, we need this back, now, so frustrating, I turn on Mail in iCloud on an iOS device and all it does is sync my .icloud email, nothing else...it should get all my email accounts from iCloud keychain, at the very least.
    11-13-2014 02:45 PM

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