1. ROHumm's Avatar
    I am trying to unravel the mystery of using the iPad as a phone.
    Any insights?
    10-05-2014 04:12 PM
  2. phreddyl's Avatar
    You can use it with facetime as well as Skype. I'm sure there are other work arounds but I haven't tried any.
    10-05-2014 04:18 PM
  3. dixie dregs's Avatar
    Yes I need to figure it out. I can't remember exactly but I remember my iPad ringing!
    10-05-2014 06:50 PM
  4. phreddyl's Avatar
    Yes I need to figure it out. I can't remember exactly but I remember my iPad ringing!
    It rings with FaceTime

    Sent from my iPad Mini using Tapatalk
    10-05-2014 08:28 PM
  5. noaim's Avatar
    What your looking for is they both have to be on the same iCloud account and also on the same wifi network when a phone call comes in it will also ring the iPad. And when Yosemite for Mac OS X comes out it will have the same effect. I have been answering phone calls for the last week on my iPad I think you can also send sms. Both me and my girlfriends iPads ring at the same time the phones ring. This is not FaceTime its actual phone calls

    And of course both devices need ios8
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    10-06-2014 10:00 PM
  6. jbg7474's Avatar
    And, as I was hunting for this setting yesterday on my wife's iPad, the setting to turn this feature on is within the Facetime settings on the iPad. This appears to be different from the handoff feature, as my wife had already turned that off on her iPhone. The ringing on her iPad in a different room of the house when she had muted her phone was driving her batty.
    10-07-2014 04:16 PM

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