1. finn5975's Avatar
    Wasn't sure exactly where to post this. I am having an issue trying to restore my iPhone 6 to an iTunes backup of my 5S. Every time, same thing happens. Everything goes well until it comes time to sync my apps from iTunes to my phone. About 5 or 6 will sync just fine and then the 7th one freezes the process. The syncing indicator continues to spin on my phone, and in the iTunes section of my iPhone, but no further apps will sync. If I go onto my phone and look at the app holding up the process.....it is finished downloading to my phone. Nothing I do gets the process to move forward, except unplugging my phone from the computer and then plugging back in. This will then start the whole process over with the remaining apps until the next freeze occurs. This is incredibly frustrating and it also makes me wonder if I am getting a good, quality backup to my phone or if it is corrupt in any way. Has anyone else experienced this? I am having just an awful run of luck these last 4-5 days. Thanks.
    09-23-2014 10:20 AM
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    Poor Finnů
    Sorry I probably can't help though. I almost never use iTunes backups and use iCloud backups instead. Do you still have the 5S and can you make an iCloud backup and try that? Or try to backup the 5S in iTunes again? I assume you are running the latest version of iTunes and syncing from an iOS 7 or 8 backup to an iOS 8 device? Because as I'm sure you know, you cannot put an iOS 8 backup on an iOS 7 device if that is what you were trying to do.
    09-23-2014 01:04 PM

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