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    So i thought I would sign up and ask this and see if anyone can answer my Q's at the same time this should help anyone trying to decide if they want to update

    Bugs I have encountered

    Dialpad made a loud constant noise when I tried to make a call. Took a reboot to stop the noise (first reboot since the update bear in mind) Noise has not reoccurred since.

    Email (not a bug but a very badly implemented feature) Email has copied mailbox and introduced a swipe feature. Lost an important email accidentally swiping. You have to do an extremely short stroke or the message deletes. it is not as polished as the mailbox app's and frankly I expect it will be fixed in an update but its so badly done that I am waiting for an ios jailbreak just to remove the swipe feature.

    Control center, (may be a bug, may be a forgotten item on the todo list) in simple terms it looks horrible just a mix of grey colours. For a company that prides itself on design its a let down and I will be looking to skin it with a JB tweak

    Camera roll (not a bug but one of the worst features and one i wasnt aware of) Camera roll is replaced with a recently added folder and a recently deleted folder :/ .. only way to find your photos is to search through "moments" you know that annoying date ordered menu.

    So my questions... do you guys think a tweak will/can be made to bring back the camera roll as despite the LARGE social media outcry against this feature something tells me Apple wont return it to the old way.

    Also can the said email swipe tweak be done?

    Honestly So far I would say its worth updating to ios8.. i'm running it on a 4s and it isnt too bad my phone was slowing down anyway I haven't seen any real issues. Only slow and unbearable thing noticed is 3rd party keyboards. Swiftkey was noticeably slower to pop up than the stock keyboard. tested many times. When my iphone 6 comes ill test swiftkey to see if it was my 4S being slow or if the 3rd party keyboard implementation is flawed.
    09-18-2014 02:57 AM
  2. Shawn Schrader's Avatar
    theres a ios 8 jailbreak ?
    09-18-2014 10:30 PM
  3. GG23's Avatar
    theres a ios 8 jailbreak ?
    Not yet but ios7 jailbreaking stopped for main people in the scene months ago as they decided to focus on ios8 betas so it can't be far off i imAgine. I just want to know if said tweaks/fixes appear in ios7 Cydia or if people in the know think they'll be possible to create
    09-18-2014 10:53 PM

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