1. sgtajv's Avatar
    So I did the restore option on my ipad mini, everything went well except that I had to run the app from the terminal because the app icon otherwise wouldn't appear, restore completed but cydia was uninstalled ??? Everything's gone, I tried searching for cydia on spotlight search and no luck. I even tried Siri "Siri open cydia," Siri responded that I had no app named cydia. Problem is I still can't update my ipad as if it still was jailbroken, and I can't retry to jailbreak because my PC broke. Wth Ilex r.a.t. Wasn't supposed to do this, it said jailbreak was supposed to stay, I have used it several times on my iPhone 5s with no problems at all.
    07-05-2014 10:22 AM
  2. iHackPro's Avatar
    Try typing Cydia:// in Safari. Does Cydia open?
    07-05-2014 12:48 PM
  3. sgtajv's Avatar
    Omg weird, yes that worked! Thank you!!!! now how do I get cydia to go back to home screen??
    07-06-2014 08:53 PM

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