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    I must admit I was mistaken with the impression of my battery to be unhealthy since my update with 7.1

    In fact, I even got these battery life four days after the update.

    With the wifi connection all the way, the brightness set to 40%, location services on only for maps and weather apps, playing games - shadow blade and quizup, social and internet browsing... everything, just what I am doing before the update... From my normal 9-10 hrs of using with 5% remaining, here comes my new batt life:

    My Battery Life with iOS 7.1-image.jpg

    What I can say now is that I am satisfied with my battery, for real.
    What I did for past four days are:
    -after installation of 7.1 i just used my ipad air normally
    -I noticed fast dropping of my batt life and start to blame the latest ios version
    -I used my ipad and wait till my batt reaches 2% and recharged it fully.
    -still the battery drops quickly and used it again til it reaches 5% and fully recharged
    -voila! Now my battery seems gained more stamina.

    How about you? What did you observed about your battery since your latest update from day 1?
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    Well I just found out my iPhone actually has a battery I guess that's how much I pay attention to it

    Jokes aside I honesty didn't notice a difference some have there's a blog post recently about this I believe

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