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    I recently updated both my iPhone (4S) and iPad (3rd Gen) to iOS 7.0.4. About a week after updating the phone, the native photos app crashed and lost all of my photos. Somehow it restored the photos after a hard reboot. I am not sure how because I have iCloud and WiFi sync off. After searching the net, I found that somewhere along the line, my backup file may have been corrupted and that was the cause for my "Other" section in iTunes to be 12 gigs. I did a complete restore from iTunes and have had no issues with the phone since. Both are jailbroken.

    Today, I was working on the iPad and tried saving a picture from Safari to the native photos app. Safari crashed and then the photos app crashed. I force closed and continued to have the crash issue with photos. I did a hard reboot and the same thing happened with the iPad as with my iPhone (photo attached).

    Also, I have noticed that adding Safari pages to the Reading List takes numerous attempts until it actually saves in the Reading List. Some times it saves on the first try, some times it takes 5-6 tries, and sometimes I have to force close Safari and try again. It is more prevalent on the iPhone but I also have the issue on the iPad as well.

    The other thing that I have noticed is that I am not receiving any notifications in the Notification Center on my iPad even though it is set up the same as my iPhone. The badge icons are also not showing as they do on the iPhone.

    Is anyone else having similar issues? Are there any fixes for this or is it just instability that we have to deal with until Apple fixes it and another jailbreak comes about?

    Thanks in advanced from the newbie!
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    01-26-2014 01:07 AM
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    I would restore the phone in a non jailbreak state and see if you have the same issues.

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    01-26-2014 08:16 AM

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