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    Hey, I installed SwipeSelection Pro and it works great... but I have some problems with it.

    1. The courser just stops at random places and inserts letters (on iPhone and iPad)
    2. On the iPad it often splits the keyboard instead of moving, if I swipe trough the letters. After that the keyboard doesn't response and I have to quit the app to use the keyboard in that app again.

    That's definitely not how it should be. I watched the clip of iDB and there it's exactly how I want it to use (see clip at the end of this post).
    Maybe there is a compatibility issue with other tweaks which are installed. I list up all tweaks and apps which are installed below.
    I also disabled all tweaks which are affecting the keyboard or where you can swipe, like Bloard, Delete Word and SwipeNav.

    Does anyone have the same problems or know which tweaks could influence the behavior?

    I appreciate every help, so thank you


    That's the list of all Cydia apps and tweaks which are installed on my iPhone, (except winter board themes).

    • Action Menu - 1.2.14
    • Action Menu Plus Pack - 1.2.13
    • Activator - 1.8.4~beta3
    • ActivityAction for ActionMenu - 1.1b1-41
    • afc2add - 1.01
    • AppInfo - 1.5
    • Bloard - 0.0.3
    • Delete Word - 1.5
    • f.lux - 0.986
    • FlipControlCenter - 0.5
    • iFile - 2.0.1-1
    • InstaLauncher - 1.2-1
    • LastApp - 1:1.2.0-1
    • Open In App For Photos - 1.1-1
    • Percentage - 1.0
    • QuickActivator - 1.1.3
    • SwipeNav - 0.7-1
    • TapTodaysCalendar - 1.1.1
    • WinterBoard - 0.9.3914

    PS: Here's a record of my screen where you can see the problem :/
    I'm just swiping through the keyboard. I don't stop, it stops automatically at any point and selects a letter, which is inserted by the next tap or swipe.


    PPS: Here's the video I'm talking about.

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    It's an incompatibility with "Delete Word" (Even disabled, if installed for some reason it still effects it).

    I'm looking into a fix.
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    01-15-2014 05:13 AM
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    It's an incompatibility with "Delete Word" (Even disabled, if installed for some reason it still effects it).

    I'm looking into a fix.
    You're too quick, wanted to write that is was because of "Delete Word"

    Thank you very much
    01-15-2014 04:09 PM

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