1. ae6dx's Avatar
    After jailbreaking iOS 7 I notice every time a Respring if I go into Settings>>Notification Center all my apps have moved to Not in notification center and I have to put them all back. How can I fix this? This makes me concerned my phone will not notify me of something. I have the same issue on my iPad as well.
    01-05-2014 02:59 PM
  2. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    I don't think you can fix it. For me it only happened when I jailbroke the phone.
    01-05-2014 03:03 PM
  3. ae6dx's Avatar
    So will this happen every time I respring? Do I understand an app listed as Not in Notification center will not alert me to activity at all?
    01-05-2014 03:09 PM
  4. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    If its happened to you every time you respringed, it might keep doing that. You won't get any alerts from an app not in notification center.
    01-05-2014 03:18 PM
  5. ae6dx's Avatar
    Is there a fix for this? I've never had a jailbreak do this before. Seems like a bug that should be fixed.
    01-05-2014 04:19 PM
  6. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    Everything with this iOS 7 jailbreak is buggy till everything is updated to being compatible with iOS 7. Can't expect iOS 6 tweaks to work flawlessly on iOS 7. Remember developers and Saurik weren't given any heads up on this jb, so EVERYONE is trying to play catch up. Just be patient.
    01-05-2014 04:29 PM
  7. ae6dx's Avatar
    Would uninstalling mobile substrate help? At least until things are fixed?
    01-05-2014 10:12 PM
  8. natasftw's Avatar
    Would uninstalling mobile substrate help? At least until things are fixed?
    It wouldn't be any more helpful. It'd also prevent you from being alerted to updates in substrate.

    I'm not seeing this happen with my jailbreak, fyi.
    01-06-2014 01:37 AM
  9. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    What R.Diddy said. It's buggy and you just have to wait for everything to be updated for iOS 7.
    01-06-2014 02:45 PM

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