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    Then plug tour phone into your computer. Hold in both buttons until the apple logo comes on, let go of the power button. Then when the plug logo comes on let go of the home button. Restore the phone then restore the old backup.
    12-25-2013 11:18 AM
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    Ok...Thanks so very much for being so patient with me. I apologize for not being able to stay and chat and answer the questions you asked before but I'm here now. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas with their loved ones and again I apologize for not being here and answering those questions you had for me.

    I finally was able to Turn-Off my Find My Phone (thank you again for the hint of where that was) and I actually restored my phone with my iTunes. I always back-up my phone with my iTunes and I actually never thought about that. I just don't where it gets put or should I not worry about that because no matter what it's safe right? I'm not really sure what there's to worry about or whatever because I took off all my music it just took up so much space and I also removed all of my albums of photos and videos...talk about space holy moly...and then I removed a bunch of old apps that I'd either never touched or will never touch again or not interested in or whatever the case may be...tossed it...BAM the amount of space I had...now this was all done long before I had even done any of this back up or anything like this. So this back-up I did was from 12/17/13 and I believe it was from one of iPhones updates becasue I never do updates without backing up my phone first. I know I'm weird but I look at it as if something were to happen I would always have my back-up to put back on so better safe then sorry is what I like say So the restore took quite some time actually...I really didn't realize how long it would take but never dreamed of it taking close to an hour long. But when it was all done I was glad to see that I had contacts back in my phone which was good. I checked a few other areas where I was missing everything and they were all back there as well. So I was to believe that the restore from 12/17/13 on my iPhone had worked for me. Yippee

    Now I have some questions:

    Since this restore I'm 12 days behind on everything...how do I bring everything up to speed/date?

    How do I get all my game apps up to date...I know for a fact that several of my games have had several updates since then...And I've gone into my Apps Store and clicked the update and none of those apps are coming up to update and I've also tried to play them and nothing has happened. When I know for a fact they still have updates to go.

    So basically I need to bring my phone back to today but without leaving any updates behind...lol this sounds like a major headache and I'm actually going to get me some Advil

    So hopefully you'll be able to explain that to me also
    12-26-2013 07:00 PM
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