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    Ok, I want to be very clear that my comments are about the iPhone 5 & iOS7 (not the 5S).

    Since iOS7 came out my iPhone 5 and millions of others are experiencing massive battery drain when trying to use even the most basic functions. When I say basic functions I mean - Voice, Text and Email. I bought an iPhone because I wanted the many advanced features it offered. I did not buy it and sign a multi-year carrier contract so that I could have Voice, Text, and Email only. Do I want to be followed? Ah, Yes I am talking about Location Services and more. Location Services are required for many apps. Not that any of this should matter but, when Apple does their big release to show all the amazing things their products can do...Well just call me silly because I expected to be able to do amazing things. The last thing I wanted to hear was that I need to reduce my expectation and start turning various setting on the phone OFF. My phone running iOS 6.x.x was working fine. Yes it worked fine until the day I upgraded to iOS7. Oh and Yes I have the Apple Care warranty so Yes, Apple agreed to swap out my phone. After my first swap still using iOS 6.x.x the phone started to shutdown. I tired everything short of CPR & shocking the stupid brick back into service. This problem was not related to iOS 7 or version 6.x.x but, a new, even more fun issue with defective hardware. I am now on my 4th phone running iOS 6.x.x at my demand and Yes Apple did give me a phone with the Old iOS. So as of today I am still waiting for Apple to contact me and tell me that their iOS 7 power drain issue has been fixed. Millions of phones equal billions of dollars so my best guess is that Apple would fix the problem or take the phone back and fix my contract with the carrier as well.

    Why would anyone want to buy an iPhone then not be able to use the cool new features as shown in June when iOS 7 was demo'd?

    Did any of you see the new race cars made by Anki Drive in the June demo? Well I purchased them for $199 and found the tech in the cars to be amazing for version 1. Then after just 2 races my iPhone was down to 24% of the battery left. Each race only runs minutes so it looked like a huge issue that I had no interest of investing in. Yes, I returned the cars. Yes, I contact AnkiDrive only to get the excuse that their phones, tablets etc did not show serious power drain after an entire day of racing. Further their tech sent me the same list of things to turn off as did Apple! Wow.

    So, you can buy the iPhone 5 and you will NOT be able to run all the features the company talks about...Well - unless you reduce your expectations and run them one at a time? Sure thing. I should mention that I did not download music or videos from iTunes as I was planning because the phone will lose power even faster. This has to be costing Apple big bucks from those of use who know what is really going on. I intend to give Apple until Jan 2, 2014 then I am going to demand a full refund. They had from June 2013 to get it right. That is when iOS 7 was demo'd and that is enough time to fix it.

    *footnote: I wrote this after a long day at work and ask you excuse my spelling. I just had to post on this site the fact that iOS 7 and millions of the iPhones are Defective / Not Ready for Primetime.

    11-22-2013 12:18 AM

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