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    Hello all. I recently picked up an used JB iPhone from eBay. Just a quick device info: unlocked IP4S 32GB, iOS 5.1.1, BB 2.0.12. Jailbroken with rocky racoon. But I have encountered 2 issues and they are driving me nuts. I have googled these issues and tried out the solutions but to no avail.

    First issue: I have constant prompts to "Connect to iTunes to use push notifications". I have tried the following solutions:

    1) Plugging it to iTunes and signing in to iTunes store as I read there is some authetication token being pushed to the phone.
    2) Notifications and turning it off and on.
    3) Using redsn0w to deactivate phone but the funny thing is that it doesnt give me an option to deactivate.
    4) So I thought I could restore it anew via redsn0w (since I saved the 5.1.1 SHSH blobs). However redsn0w was unable to complete the restoration with a message about it being OTA blah blah. (Understand that I probably have no option to use redsn0w as 5.1.1 is installed via OTA.)
    5) Downloaded SAM from Cydia as I read there is an option to deactivate and clear push. But I didnt see this option in the menu so uninstalled it especially since I am not sure what that will do to the phone. (Edited: I downloaded the 1.10.1 version hence no clear push option. However I cant installed the latest version as it ran into error.) If anyone has any idea about SAM, let me know how I should go about using that tweak.

    Second issue: As for iMessage, it refused to authenticate with this error message "Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again."

    So Im running out of ideas as to what to do with the push notifications. I can live without iMessage so I am more concerned with the push notifications.

    I would be grateful to anyone who can point me in the right direction. Thank you.
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