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    Never mind..... i found out how...Edit button top left and delete.

    Is there a way to delete multiple iMessages at the same on the phone or in iTunes? It takes forever to delete each message one by one. And after I delete the messages sent it still shows the header of who it as sent to. Is there a way to delete that as well?
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    I am having the same issue. Before the IOS 7 update, it showed 6+ GB in my "other" folder. I took my IPhone to the Apple store and after spending about 30 min digging through my phone, the guy told me the only solution was to completely wipe out my phone and start over. So I've been living with 6 completely worthless GB on my phone. After the IOS 7 update, my "other" folder changed to 1.1 GB and there appeared "Documents and Data" as 5.5 GB. After doing a little research I figured out in General Settings-Usage-Messages, my Messages App is taking up 4.5 GB. The unusual thing is I had deleted the majority of my texts, only leaving a few threads with no pics, videos etc. So how could that possibly take up 4.5 GB of space?? But then when I click on Messages it says "Messages (Saved)" 4.5 GB. Here is our problem I think guys. I did some research online and found that when we "delete" threads of texts from our Message app, some of the threads remain somewhere in our phones, although deleted from our Message app. I can't figure out how to get to those old deleted texts to remove them from my phone. Another thread said use iBackupBot, so I paid the $34.95 for it. Tried to do it and I'm getting all kinds of useless error codes. Any ideas from anyone?
    09-21-2013 03:05 PM
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    Out of curiosity, how far back do your text messages go? In the main window where you see multiple messages, tap the top and it'll go back to the oldest. Mine go back to 2008 (~7GB). Would be cool if I could push these out to a calendar format that would read like a pseudo journal.
    09-26-2013 04:09 PM
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    Pls advise: in settings, how to locate "messages (saved)" ?? that may be the solution to my issue.. thanks
    09-30-2013 10:28 AM
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    I went into my individual text message threads & at the very top I found the option to load previous messages. When I did that I found a bunch of stuff I had no idea was still on my phone. When I touched & held one individual bubble I was given the options Copy or More. When I selected More I found I could select individual items to delete. I cleared a bunch of stuff out & now my Saved Messages under Settings - General - Usage is only 1.2 MB & I can live with that. Don't know if this helps someone but I hope so.
    09-30-2013 02:09 PM
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    I know the post is old, but i was dealing with this problem today and this popped out from my search engine. You have probably changed phones but to set the record straight for future searchers...


    1. text, mail, in between other apps may take a huge chunk of space even if, for example "messages" are deleted completely, the problem is they are not. Here comes the "Saved messages" part: that phrase means that they have been temporarily delete from your phone but they are still stored somewhere (It can correlate to PC-Trash bin situation, were you delete an icon but they go to Trash bin before permanently deletion) In the iphone case, they go to a type of invisible list where the system know they are up for deletion but does not have a "authorized permission" to permanently delete. To resolve this, connect your phone to iTunes and Sync your phone. That sync between your phone and computer is that "authorized permission" i was talking about to permanently delete your text and free up space, also deleting document and data space. Take it slow, erase about 20-25 messages and sync, to make the sync process easier and faster for the computer to process.

    I had almost half of my phones memory in saved messages (3GB) and i kept restoring phone and erasing all data but nothing, until I went digging further and further in some forums and found a similar explanation of what i just wrote.

    For apps, you may find temporary solution by deleting and reinstalling the app. Documents and data increase from apps probably comes from constant updates to that same app. If you delete it and reinstall it, it was installed with the current update, while the older app moved "old updates" into an invisible trashcan in order to make space for the new update, and that invisible trash can is what I like to call Documents and data

    For photos, you may want to try using apps such as Dropbox, which stream photos to your dropbox account you can also access from your computer, storing those photos safely in your computer. You can then delete them on your phone and repeat the "Sync process" explained above.

    Any doubts, you can just message me.

    07-04-2014 11:38 PM
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