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    So, I was trying out a project with my ancient jailbroken iPod touch 1g running on iOS 3.1.3, trying to make it look as much iOS 6-ish as possible. However, to do that, lots of images are needed, and it is nearly impossible getting them without getting them from the source.

    Can anyone (running on a jailbroken iOS 6 iPod/iPhone) please help me out by sending me the native iOS 6 apps? It's pretty easy, this is all you need to do:

    1. Download iTools (itools.hk/cms/webpage31.htm)
    2. Connect your jailbroken iPod/iPhone which is running iOS 6
    3. In iTools, after you have finished connecting your device, on the left menu bar click on 'Filesystem'.
    4. On the right of the menu bar another menu bar will appear. On that menu bar, click the tab called 'Apps (System)'.
    5. Now you will see a lot of folders. Please, if you can, put all these folders in a zip file and send it, so that I can continue to make iOS 3.1.3 look awesome.

    03-31-2013 12:45 AM

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