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    Hello, I use LaunchCenter Pro for my Routines and Workflow and want to start apps on a tap with LauchCenter notifications, which works perfectly.

    Unfortunately not every app supports URL Schemes and so they aren't listed. You can still launch apps if you know their URL. For example "barcoo" isn't supported but can be launched just with "barcoo:" and DB Navigator with "dbnavigator:".

    But there are apps which are not obvious, like Dropbox, which can be launched with "dbapi-1:"

    Does anyone know how or where I can get these URLs? 😱

    03-25-2013 04:42 AM
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    URL Scheme / Launch Apps with LaunchCenter etc.-single-tumbleweed_o_gifsoup.com_.gif
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    03-29-2013 11:14 AM
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    Hmm it seems that nobody knows or nobody is interested :/
    No problem, I already found it today, so I post it, maybe there is someone who is also interested.


    There are some apps and Tweaks which can launch apps with URLs, for example Drafts, LauchCenter Pro, WeeSearch Pro, Activity Action for Action Menu etc.
    You can use the URL to "just" launch them or create schedules or use it for habits, for learning or fitness.

    You can launch almost every app, you can either try just to use the name for example:
    • AppZapp -> appzapp:
    • Drafts -> drafts:
    • OmniFocus -> omnifocus:
    • DB Navigator -> dbnavigator:

    If it's not the app name, you can use "iFile" to search for the name.
    You have to find the app or you can use "App Info", which can open the app directory in iFile.
    1. in iFile you have to open the "Applicationname.app".
    2. There is a "Info.plist" File which you have to open with the plist-Editor
    3. Search for the "CFBundleURLTypes"
    4. There is an "Dictionary (Bundlename)" ➔ for example: "com.sixpackproductions.sixpackabs-de"
    5. Go further and open "CFBundleURLSchemes"
    6. Then you see the "URL Scheme Launch Name" ➔ for example Adrian James Sipack: "sppsixpackabs"

    As you can see in the next picture, you can launch a app, which is not listet in the "available" or "launchable" list.
    You can also set a schedule in LauchCenterPro, for example everyday at 7am. You get the reminder everyday at 7am and can hit the notification, which opens the desired app.

    URL Scheme / Launch Apps with LaunchCenter etc.-photo-600.png
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    04-11-2013 08:13 AM

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