1. Navmacs's Avatar
    Where does the built-in ZIP Viewer in iFile extract files to? The manual is no help at all. I've read online that files are extracted into the directory you're in, but in this case the archive I'm looking at is on Dropbox, and the files are definitely not being extracted there.
    02-23-2013 06:28 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    You download the zip to iFile, and when you unarchive it it extracts to the same directory (in iFile) that you downloaded the zip to. It always extracts within iFile.

    1. Find file to download online.
    2. Tap, choose "Open in iFile"
    3. File will open in iFile (var/mobile/documents) with options like Zip Viewer, Unarchiver, etc.
    4. Zip Viewer will let you see the contents without extracting.
    5. Unarchiver will extract the contents to var/mobile/documents. You can then cut/paste it anywhere.
    02-23-2013 06:38 PM
  3. Navmacs's Avatar
    Thanks, but this is a little bit different. I have iFile linked to my Dropbox account, so Dropbox shows up in my iFile sidebar. If I click on Dropbox and navigate to the archive I want to extract, I get a popup listing various options, including Zip Viewer and Unarchiver. If I select Zip Viewer, I get a list of files in the archive. I can then select any of those and press the extract button on the lower right of he screen. No where in this process is there any mention of downloading the archive, and the extracted files aren't showing up in any Documents folder I can find. My suspicion is that iFile isn't really extracting the files in this case, even though the process seems to be working. (In other words, I'll probably have to download the archive as you described, even though I actually only want a couple of the files in it.)
    02-23-2013 06:54 PM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    I see, sorry for the beginner walk through! I don't use the Dropbox integration, but I know in the past it has been broken by changes on the Dropbox side; maybe it's happened again?
    Navmacs likes this.
    02-23-2013 07:34 PM
  5. Navmacs's Avatar
    No problem! Your method works, and doesn't rely on two apps playing nice together, so that's how I'll do it. Thanks!
    02-23-2013 07:37 PM

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