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    iTools 2012 Beta 0913 English Released

    Brand new interface with awesome experience.
    Multitask mode, allow users to browse other modules when installing Apps or improting

    iOS6 GM supported
    iTunes10.7 supported

    App Library optimized:
    New features in displaying supported system versions.
    Add tips to the applications when your system version is too low.
    New features of cleaning up the old version Apps in the library now.

    Image Management:
    Quick View mode, to facilitate users quickly browse and zoom.
    New features to classify images based on real-time.
    New features to export images as a directory.
    When importing images, iTools can auto sort by name and time now.

    Greatly improve the loading speed of the applications.

    Tools Box:
    Add ringtones making function to the tool box

    iTools have solve the problem that does not recognize iPod devices.
    Bugs fixed

    in English

    iTools 2012 Beta 0913E


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