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    Hey community

    I'm a young programmer and decided to help out the community.

    I've saw that the RedSnow team, has released a new version to "jailbreak" the iOS 6 Beta 1 (tethered).
    That's fine, but the new update doesn't act like a normal jailbreak. It doens't install Cydia, but it implements a SSH connection to your iOS 6 Beta 1 device.

    After that, you have to SSH'ing into the device and install Cydia through the terminal.

    I thought there is a way to skip the SSH-step. So I've decided to code a little application, which installs Cydia after the RedSnow jailbreak automatically and here it is! I think it would be the best, if I share it with the community, because I would hear about bugs/problems faster than anywhere else.

    You just have to implement the SSH connection through the RedSnow jailbreak and after that, you can start my tool to install Cydia.

    The application has been programmed with C#/.NET. So usually you can't run Windows programs on OS X, but with MONO (see instructions on my site) you're able to run .NET applications on OSX.

    I've just finished the application and if there any bug or something, I would be happy if you contact me.

    You can grab the automatic Cydia installer and correct RedSnow build with some instructions on my site.

    Here is the link to my site/auto cydia ssh installer

    Auto Cydia SSH Installer - Jailbreak & Unlock iOS6

    Best regards

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    You may want to rethink what your doing...the whole reason Cydia isn't installed on the beta jailbreak is because the vast majority of jb developers ("the community") have agreed that it's a very bad idea for a number of reasons. Most have also said repeatedly that they will not support anyone who tries to do it, so people will be on their own if anything goes wrong (which it likely will).

    I admire the initiative, it just might be the wrong time!
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    06-24-2012 01:29 PM
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    Hi Massie, thanks for your post. I completely agree with you, there are several reasons, you shouldn't install cydia on iOS 6 and if you do so you should be very carefully. Some apps work already on iOS 6, but the majority of them aren't compatible with the new software. I was inspired by the iDownloadBlog Youtube channel. They've showed how to implement a SSH connection and install Cydia on the device. I think some users, which are aware of the risks, want to install Cydia on their device. I've already saw a couple posts on other forums, where users are asking for a jailbraking solution for iOS6 (Whatever they're planning to do).
    So I decided to help them a little out and programmed this tool
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