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    I finally bought the factory unlocked iPhone 4s to use on TMobile - yay - but I still had an old 2G and the last phone I was using, the 3gs. I wanted to sell them on ebay but wanted to clear all my info off of them first. Luckily I started with the 2g which I probably can't get much for anyway. I read that I could use the "erase all contents and settings" button and that would NOT lock my phone back up. Wellllll, now it's just sitting there with an Apple on the screen and the little circle spinning, can't turn it off and clearly it's not unlocked anymore And I can't re-unlock it because I have iTunes 10 and OS 10.7.3. :o Does anyone have any suggestions?
    And what do I do about my 3gs? How to I clear everything off of it without locking it back up? (Actually, since the iTunes and Mac OS I'm on right now works with the 3gs, I guess I could "erase all contents and settings" then re-unlock?) I don't want to end up with two bricks, so any advice is welcomed!
    06-19-2012 10:34 PM
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    If you unlocked via a jailbreak method, using the Erase All Content button is usually advised against. If they are off-contract, AT&T will give you a code to unlock them. Then you just restore in iTunes to unlock them.
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    06-19-2012 11:29 PM
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    The 2g you will have to get to a compatible computer ..

    The 3GS other get the factory unlock ( worth more on eBay )

    Or update using a custom 5.1.1 then jailbreak and install rocky raccoon and ultrasnow fixer 5.1.1 and ultrasnow
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    06-20-2012 12:35 AM