1. patricksmangan's Avatar
    No iOS 6 for my iPad 1
    Do we think that iPad tweaks and features will come to cydia to give legacy devices iOS 6 functionality? If so, I might want to look into jailbreaking my iPad again.
    06-12-2012 08:07 PM
  2. squeff's Avatar
    Most of the new features have already been available to jailbreak users. In most cases, the jailbreak version is more flexible. But, of course, you need to take the risks of jailbreak.

    Some features, like the new "wallet," will likely never been seen in quite the same way.
    06-12-2012 09:08 PM
  3. sherlock's Avatar
    For me jailbreaking my iPad was less important but still worth doing.

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    06-12-2012 10:37 PM
  4. patricksmangan's Avatar
    3d maps? I think that might be the only thing that's missing.
    06-12-2012 11:37 PM
  5. wamadden4's Avatar
    I tried the iOS 6 beta 1 on my brother's iPad 3. The new maps is freaking incredible but beyond that, there isn't much to make me lose my 5.1.1 jailbreak. I got an iPhone 4 running Siri and it works just like the 4S Siri and my iPad 3 is jailbroken as well. Don't see a need for iOS 6 yet.
    06-13-2012 03:11 AM
  6. Cigarfingers's Avatar
    I have both iPad and iPhone 4s jailbroken on 5.1.1 and the tweaks that are out there make the need to upgrade to iOS 6 sea rather pointless for the time being. I'll happily stick to what I've got.
    06-13-2012 11:23 AM