1. bwgreen's Avatar
    Just wondering - I tried searching for this but couldn't see an answer - I have a relatively new iPhone 4S that I'm thinking about jailbreaking using Absinthe, but before I do anything I wanted to see - will it still work properly on Rogers in Canada? I am running iOS 5.1.1 build 9B206, so I know I have to use Absinthe 2 (I think they are now up to 2.0.2, but I'll get the latest version).

    I just don't want to turn my iPhone into an expensive brick!


    05-28-2012 10:05 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    You can't brick an iPhone beyond any ability to do a factory restore via iTunes... unless you do something to physically damage hardware. Follow the directions, and you'll be fine.
    05-28-2012 10:09 AM
  3. bwgreen's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll probably try it out this week - being sure to have a good backup before I try.
    05-28-2012 10:25 AM
  4. bwgreen's Avatar
    I should have asked this before I did anything - does Jailbreaking affect my warranty (either the one with Rogers, or AppleCare+)?
    05-30-2012 10:34 AM
  5. Stephxieh's Avatar
    You can restore and have it back as new, so nobody can tell if you need to do anything with your warranty
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    05-30-2012 11:32 AM
  6. bwgreen's Avatar
    OK - that's good to know!
    05-30-2012 12:10 PM