1. lineskier22's Avatar
    Solid Purple Please!
    04-12-2012 05:38 PM
  2. jrlbruins's Avatar
    I want one
    04-12-2012 05:38 PM
  3. EAP1985's Avatar
    I would like one like the Boston Red Sox or the Boston Bruins colors. Please and thank you.
    04-12-2012 05:40 PM
  4. jamesrshaffer's Avatar
    iPhone 4s; scarlet and gray; Ohio state buckeyes baby!
    04-12-2012 05:55 PM
  5. drd2010's Avatar
    That light blue one looks awesome!! That would be my choice!
    04-12-2012 06:00 PM
  6. lunatikk's Avatar
    metallic blue!
    04-12-2012 06:02 PM
  7. Vox's Avatar
    A blue back, red front and white button...just because I like the idea Plus I can change the back from blue to black and back, as the mood hits
    04-12-2012 06:04 PM
  8. dunn.brian's Avatar
    School colors!

    Red front and a white back.
    04-12-2012 06:05 PM
  9. toddfsu's Avatar

    All green. Definitely all GREEN! If I don't win. I will be angry... seek counseling, and once I recover... I will take my jar of change to the bank... turn it into cash, deposit the cash... and order this. Very cool.

    This would be a great option for friends who crack their screen, am I right? It includes a Front LCD/Digitizer Assembly. Seems like a beautiful fix for a terrible problem.
    04-12-2012 06:10 PM
  10. Blaze_25's Avatar
    I would want all red
    04-12-2012 06:22 PM
  11. cherrypita's Avatar
    Red Front and Red Back. White Home Button. those look awesome..
    04-12-2012 06:31 PM
  12. TechUnwrapped's Avatar
    Just light blue. Keep it simple. More of a minimalist. If transparent is an option I would rather that, however. It seems a little more steam punk. Thanks iMore, Ally, Leanne, Georgia, Rene, & friends!
    04-12-2012 06:35 PM
  13. JTekt's Avatar
    A black front, red home button and red back would be sooo tight. Then if I could just find a way to get white sides, the IU Hoosier phone would be complete!
    04-12-2012 06:38 PM
  14. bu1ld0g920's Avatar
    Hello! If I would be so lucky to win, I would like it to be all green! Looking fancy!
    04-12-2012 06:41 PM
  15. salpiche's Avatar
    Any combination of colors is fine by me, as a matter of fact let's call it iMore color combo!
    04-12-2012 06:54 PM
  16. pstmd's Avatar
    Wow I just replaced my broken 4S front screen this weekend.
    I wish I had known they came in colors!
    That will teach me to keep up on my iMore reading!!!

    I'd take Metallic Blue front and back with a silver home button (do they have those?)
    04-12-2012 07:16 PM
  17. d_supreme's Avatar
    Since my Saints colors are not available. I'm going to have to go with the Metallic Blue
    04-12-2012 07:23 PM
  18. dmt316's Avatar
    Metallic blue 4S!!!!!!!!
    04-12-2012 08:01 PM
  19. dasupaman23's Avatar
    My wife would loooove to have an all PINK iPhone. And I would be the best husband EVAR if I won one for her
    04-12-2012 08:04 PM
  20. jarniella#IM's Avatar
    would love this.
    04-12-2012 08:07 PM
  21. Tony the Tiger's Avatar
    Gold with a black frame sounds awesome
    04-12-2012 08:21 PM
  22. MrShabba's Avatar
    I'm a HUGE 49ers fan, stuck deep in the heart of Texas. I'd like mine to have a Red Front and Back, with a Yellow (gold) home button. That would be AWESOME!
    04-12-2012 08:25 PM
  23. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    I want to keep my white front but add a pink back!

    ...oh wait. I'm not allowed to enter. Damn.
    04-12-2012 08:27 PM
  24. Bias X's Avatar
    Home Button: Black
    Back: Black

    I'll keep my white front
    04-12-2012 08:36 PM
  25. curtb's Avatar
    I want one.
    04-12-2012 09:18 PM
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