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    Apple......what were you thinking???

    I have a ton of pictures in my photo app. So I decided to create some albums and segregate the photos to make it easier to manage them. When I create an album, then move some pictures into that album, I try to delete the photos from the original album. But guess what? If I try to delete them from the original location, the app will delete them from ALL locations. WTF??? How stupid is that? You can move a photo to a new album, but you can't delete it from the old album, without deleting it entirely? Anybody know of a work around to this amazing oversight?
    03-30-2012 01:17 PM
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    Even more amazing is that if you create the Photo folders on your iPhone and try to sync with a PC the new folders don't sync. The photos do, but not the new folders. The photos just come in under the camera roll. Would you not think that iCloud could build these folders or at least sync that way? Seems like something obvious was missed.
    04-08-2012 10:28 AM
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    I agree - am thinking of possibly an App to " transfer out & back " by copy & paste
    09-28-2012 09:04 PM
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    The photos app works just like iTunes does with playlists: you have one big library, and your Albums (like playlists) are just a way to organize the photos (like songs).

    Think of it this way: if in iTunes you add a song to a playlist and then delete it from your library, it will also delete it from the playlist, because a playlist is just a way of organizing songs—not a way to move them or make copies of songs. Same thing with Photos on iOS.
    09-28-2012 09:21 PM
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    Your best bet to get the functionality you seek is to export the camera roll, organize into folders, then resync. This way everything is in its own folder, sizes are optimized for the phone, and it clears out camera roll.
    Also I have found if you make a shared photo stream but not share with anyone you can place the pictures into different folders and that WILL sync via icloud pictures in folders. On windows at least.

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    09-28-2012 10:46 PM