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    So i haven't jailbroken an iphone before or unlocked one. I just bought my phone (3GS) from australia to england and i researched how to unlock it using redsnow (using a mac). I managed to troubleshoot my way through most of the little problems but now i'm running out of information. I've jailbroken it and have cydia installed, the instructions i followed were for a 'untethered' however at the end redsnow explained it's a tethered jailbreak, i got cydia onto my phone and after booting with redsnow was able to load it up only to come up with the server error which seems to relate to time zones. Now my phone will not switch from sydney as it's time zone unless i select manually select and when i do i cannot get into cydia to open, it's my understanding that the time zone is what causes this problem. I decided to go for the classic turn it on and off again to see if the time would update but now i cannot open cydia. after almost a day of searching a trying to sort this out i'm fairly frustrated and i may be missing something.
    questions are:
    1. does anyone know how cydia figures out the time, (e.g country phone was purchased, what my computer tells it or the net)
    2. Does this sound like a 'failed jailbreak' (this is the only solution i seem to be able to find in forums)- my ultimate goal is to simply unlock the phone so i can use it here.
    3. if it does sound like a failed jailbreak from what i've mentioned does anyone know where i went wrong as i don't want to make the same mistake again.

    If i'm in the wrong forum or this has been posted about before i'm sorry i did look but my head is frazzled i could have missed it.
    Any help is very welcome.
    03-13-2012 01:22 AM