1. RAC's Avatar
    I recently upgraded my ios to 5.0.1 on iphone 4 with preservation of baseband which is still 2.10.04 comes before 4.10.01 so its unlockable.

    I was using the same Gevey ultra before on ios 4.1 without any problems but after upgrading it not working with no sim and sim failure messages.

    I even installed the furiousmod 2.0.0 which is officially released by applenberry to support ios 5.0.1 but they say its only for 4.10 firmware.

    So just wondering if there's any fix for this as it was working fine before so it should be able to get unlocked again or is there any way to upgrade to 4.10. Thx
    01-10-2012 10:47 PM