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    Okay, so i bought a 32gb iPhone 4. I got it unlocked and jailbroken on iOs 5 however, activation was a pain in the butt.

    It turns out I had purchased an international iPhone 4 that was locked (the AT&T Sim would not activate it)

    I took it to Wireless Toys and luckily they had a sim card that activated the phone however, when I used my GEVEY Sim, every time the phone rebooted it required activation. I then installed SAM Prefs which hacktivated it.

    Now SAM is not Wildcard Activated but when I tried Revert Lockdownd to Stock, my settings essentially crashed and I could not connect to iTunes.

    Should I go back to Wireless Toyz and perform the Activation with that other sim card?

    Or should I just download push fix or whatever other cydia tool to get my push notifications working?
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