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    So, I noticed a really strange thing after performing a regular power cycle the other day. I don't use Newsstand for subscribing to any newspapers or magazines, however after Newsstand subscriptions went live, I decided to download a free magazine subscription (#5Magazine) to test it out and see what all the fuss was about.

    I wasn't very impressed, but that's another story. I did, however, leave the subscription download in my Newsstand folder and forgot about it. Now this is where things start to get strange...

    I usually only reboot my iPad about once a week, maybe less. After rebooting yesterday, I noticed a big ugly rectangular icon right in the middle of the Home screen on my iPad 2. I instantly linked it to being the Newsstand subscription I had downloaded way back when, and decided to attempt a tap-and-hold in order to just delete it and move on.

    At this point, I wasn't able to get Springboard to enter jiggly-mode so I could remove it from my Home screen. Additionally, my favorite app -- Bloomberg TV+ -- was missing altogether (although it was still accessible via Spotlight search).

    I thought "what the hell?" and decided to worry about it later so I could return to my work and try to figure out the issue when I had some free time. Then, tonight, I went to restore my iPhone 4 because I was still on the 5.0 tethered jailbreak, and I wanted in on the 5.0.1 untethered action everyone is going crazy over. Once I was finished restoring from an iCloud backup, I noticed the exact same thing on my iPhone. I couldn't enter jiggly-mode, my Settings app was removed from the Home screen and it was even more fugly on my iPhone than it was on my iPad given the difference in screen size and less space between icons.

    So, I decided I needed to figure this out... The first thing I attempted was another power cycle, and that did the trick! I was able to enter jiggly-mode on my Home screen and then tap the 'X' to remove the subscription from Springboard completely. However, I was still missing my Settings app and Bloomberg TV+, so I decided to see if another power cycle would help with that issue.

    Sure enough, everything has returned to normal after the final power cycle, but not without a bit of finagling on my part.

    I'm curios to know if there's anyone else out there who has seen this specific issue randomly pop up after a reboot or restore on your iPhone or iPad. This happened on both 5.0 (iPad) and 5.0.1 (iPhone 4 GSM), so it's clear that Apple has yet to fix this bug.

    12-30-2011 02:41 AM