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    I am on 5.0 jailbroken... I saved my blobs via ifaith... I want to put 5.0.1 on my phone before 5.1 comes out just so I can save that blob too...
    HOWEVER I do not know anyone who has reverted back to 5.0 and I don't necessarily want to be the first to try (possibly fail...)
    So I'm wondering if anyone has successfully gone to 5.0.1 and downgraded to 5.0
    12-18-2011 04:08 AM
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    Bumpity bump bump bump
    12-18-2011 03:03 PM
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    Looks like I'm having a little 3cit party in here all by myself... But it's cool... I'll just test it out on my touch 3G...
    I'll let myself know when I'm done... And whoever else happens to crash my little thread party...
    12-18-2011 11:36 PM
  4. BLiNK's Avatar
    lmao. well i'd be curious how it goes, so i'll be patiently waiting for your results
    12-19-2011 01:19 AM
  5. iDonev's Avatar
    Unless you had some severe battery problems I don't see why would you want to downgrade to 5.0...
    12-19-2011 01:45 AM
  6. 3cit's Avatar
    I just want to have all my blobs saved... So I wanna snatch up 5.0.1 before its too late... But I'm quite happy on 5.0... Although I think that ifaith just builds a signed "signed" blob whether that particular firmware is installed or not...
    Also, update, pod2g style... I've updated and jailbroken my touch, but I haven't restored used ifaith or restored to 5.0 yet... I'll do that tomorrow.... So you see it's an update... ABOUT NOTHING NEW!!!!
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    12-19-2011 03:21 AM