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    I absolutely love my iPhone save for one issue I have -- email support. On the whole, email is ok but where it falls down (and has done since the first iPhone) is its lack of support off basic email protocols such as smart-reply and smart-forward, or any kind of granular control over how attachments are downloaded/dealt with.

    This is the only thing holding the iPhone and iOS back from being the best platform available on every level. It's particularly frustrating to me as in my job we receive hundreds of attachment heavy emails which are an immense pain to forward due to lack of smart protocol implementation. By that I mean that, on any other device, the mobile forwards the attachment on the server, and just adds the text you've written on the mobile. This keeps the email quick to send and easier to do so on a poor or slow network, and uses much much less bandwidth or data. iOS however insists on a full download and then re-upload in order to forward, which has the opposite effect and also often messes up formatting.

    Which brings me to my question -- is there a JB tweak or app out there which can sort this out? A plist mod or anything which can enable smart-forward/smart-reply. It would literally revolutionise my working day!

    Id be happy to pay for such an app -- I would even be happy to pay someone to find and implement the mod for me!

    Thanks in advance.
    12-11-2011 09:52 AM