1. Superaman's Avatar
    So I have a jail broken iPhone 4 running iOS 5. It has been fine for a while and it crashed a few days ago so I rebooted tethered and it worked fine. Then I installed semitether because I was going out of town. It crashed a few hours later for some reason, and rebooted in semi tethered mode. I used that all weekend and when I came home I rebooted tethered and now my phone is in a weird partial jailbreak. Winter board wont work. It won't show any themes. I can't use sbsettings, but I am using bbsettings in my notification centre and it works fine. I can run Cydia and install Cydia apps but bite SMS suddnenly doesn't work either. Not sure what I should do. I have re sprung it a few times, and rebooted tethered.
    Any suggestions to get it back to a normal jail broken state
    12-02-2011 03:20 PM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Try this power the phone down completely and let it sit for like a minute. Then power it back on put it in DFU mode and boot tethered. Then go into Cydia see if there are any updates if there are do the complete update. If there aren't see if your stuff works. If not I'm afraid your choice is to either uninstall the stuff that don't work and reinstall them or you could redo the JB because something may have gotten corrupted.
    12-02-2011 04:25 PM
  3. iDonev's Avatar
    If the above doesn't do the trick you might want to try removing the semi tether and reboot.
    12-04-2011 06:56 AM