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    After finally taking the plunge into semi-tethered JB at 5.0.1, restoring as new phone, reinstalling everything including Cydia apps and then going about redoing all my settings... I remembered I hadn't installed SwitcherPlus so I did so and ended up with a constant Apple boot logo. Every attempt to get out of this failed (I spent an hour searching online and the consensus was that you need to restore from scratch to fix this).

    Needless to say, I miss SwitcherPlus but don't have the cajones (foolishness?) to reinstall and try it again... feedback I read online said that getting the neverending Apple boot logo on a JB iPhone after installing a Cydia app usually meant it installed or patched Mobile Substrate? I wasn't aware SwitcherPlus did that... either way, I don't have the hours to spend risking another boot loop.

    Anyone know of an app that allows you to quit multiple apps in the Switcher at once, change the number of apps displayed in the switcher area and some of the other goodies that SwitcherPlus offered?
    11-23-2011 05:42 PM