1. garbanian's Avatar
    So I have successfully completed the jailbreak on my iPod Touch, untethered with 5.0.1 (using the 5.0.0 thing in the extras option)
    Now everything works fine, expect for the battery status.

    Whenever I use my iPod, no matter how long its been charging, it will state that its at a charge of 50% or less.
    I let it charge all night (wall charger) and I woke up to see it was at 53%. After about 10 minutes it stated it was 47%. Now its been about an hour and it is still hovering at about 45-50% charged. I used my iPod for music/web this morning. (Lyrics website, reader mode, korean) and it would fluctuate between 50-45%. When I did wake up and see the % at 53 though, I shut off my iPod and restarted it, hooked it up the computer and "Just Booted" it using the 5.0.0 thing in redsn0w again. My iPod went from 100% to 53% in less than 10 seconds.

    Would anyone be able to let me know what to do to get the charge % to go back to normal, or explain how to tell what the real charge is now?

    11-21-2011 02:39 PM