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    SBSchedule took over my power button so that when I press and hold instead of bringing up the red power off slider (Apple default) it brings up SBSchedule. I've gone into Activator to try and change the behavior back to Apple default but can't figure out which setting will make this happen?

    In Activator, I went to Anywhere and selcted the Sleep Button "Short Hold" (which is how SBSchedule is being activated), and saw SBSchedule assigned. I deleted this and it then said unassigned. I then did a respring. But, the power button only turns off the device, and the red power off slider never appears no matter how long I hold the button. I don't want the "Short Hold" to automatically power down the device, I just want the red power off slider back and none of the System Actions that are listed are consistent with bringing up the power off slider.

    I'm assuming operator error and I'm just overlooking a setting... What am I missing?
    11-19-2011 12:55 PM
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    So I installed GPowerPro and have that set for the Short Press option in Activator which is basically a juiced up version of what the button usually does (adds Respring and Reboot, in addition to Power Off default). But, still can't get the Apple default back. Still open to suggestions if anyone has any?
    11-19-2011 01:21 PM