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    For those needing a hidden lockscreen clock, check out this new take on the tweak, a beta version in this repo: pathkiller beta repo

    See it here:

    So far so good on my ip4!
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    11-12-2011 05:04 PM
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    How do I completely remove it?
    Also your repo keeps saying there is an upgrade when there isn't.

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    The bars in the Settings app control the transparency (top bar) and vertical location (bottom bar) of the clock. Move the top all the way to the right for completely transparent. You also need to get rid of the background with a separate tweak or theme. (No Lockscreen UI for instance.)

    The dev is aware of the weird repo issue; I'm sure it'll get sorted out.
    11-12-2011 11:56 PM
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    I would think my current theme would take care of the rest after hiding the clock? Or am I mistaken?

    I have the top bar slid all the way to the right but seems the box for the original clock is there. Trying to get it so it's just the winterboard lock screen clock

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    A lot of themes were made with the the idea that a user would have Lockscreen Clock Hide installed, which hides that box. Since it doesn't work on ios 5 you'll need to get rid of it another way. It's an easy thing to theme, I'll upload one you can use in a little bit.

    As an aside: I'm kind of surprised more people aren't excited about this.
    11-13-2011 08:05 AM
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    Okay, attached is the simple theme I pulled together to hide the background box. This is what I'm using on my iPhone 4; I don't know if it will work on 3GS and below (if not, it's a simple fix; just replace my images with the right non-retina display versions). Here is what my lockscreen looks like with two themes running--a modified Typophone 4 and the Clear LockScreen one below:

    If I wanted to, I could also just make one theme out of the two, moving the files from Clear LockScreen to the right spot in the Typophone folder. I may do that eventually just to keep things neat. Anyway, hope that helps!

    (By the way, the Clear LockScreen folder also includes a clear bottom bar and slider background, and contains the lock slider seen in my image. If all you want is the top bar made clear, you can delete all the files except for the BarLCD ones.)
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    One issue I just noticed is that this Clock Hide also removes the lockscreen iPod controls. Not the worst thing but definitely something to think about if you use them a lot.
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    11-13-2011 12:13 PM
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    It does not work with 3gs and (sorry) I don't know how to change the images to non-retina display. Could you elaborate on how to do that?
    11-14-2011 11:33 PM
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    For non-retina displays I think you just need to decrease the image size by half (using Photoshop or something similar) and get rid of the @2x in the file nameóbut surely there is a theme available in Cydia by now that will accomplish the same thing? Try NoLockscreenUI maybe, or just search for "clear lockscreen".

    If it's the Clock Hide app you're asking about, I can't help you there.
    11-15-2011 12:11 AM