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    I'm not sure if Apple has a site where people can suggest features, so I thought I would post it here and see if my idea gets any support.

    I really like the new Reading List feature in Safari, as I frequently find blog posts and news articles that I want to read when I am busy and unable to do so. However, sometimes after I add something to the Reading List I forget that it's there. I think it would be really great if Apple could add a badge to the Safari icon just like Messages or Mail that indicates the number of unread articles in the Reading List. In my opinion it would be much more user-friendly.

    Along with this feature it would be nice if items in the Reading List could be marked as read or unread like emails so the badge could be cleared if the user chose to do so.

    I'm curious what everyone thinks; please post your thoughts below. Maybe if the idea has enough support we can pass the thread onto Apple someday.
    11-01-2011 11:12 PM
  2. melwan's Avatar
    Good idea.

    You can submit it here: Apple - Feedback
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    11-02-2011 01:06 AM