1. chicknchock's Avatar
    I bought an iphone from ebay agees ago which was unlocked to 02,
    and was jailbroken. ive been using 4.1 for some time and decided i
    would update to 5.

    so i used itunes and did a stock upgrade with ios5,
    installed fine without any issues. After that i got an
    activation problem, so i started redsn0w and selected

    install cydia, ipad baseband & de-activate.

    now when the iphone boots ios and it wants to setup the iphone,
    at the very end i get

    Only compatible sim cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate
    the iphone.... problem is i dont know what the carrier is and i thought it
    was originally open for 02... but its not

    any help to remedy this so i can use it on 02 would be apprecited
    as ive got a great deal with them. im slightly worried that selecting
    the ipad baseband may have screwed myself up forever
    10-29-2011 03:54 PM