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    Both my iPhone 4 and my iPad 2 are running on iOS5. I am using the iPhone as the wireless hot spot (with tetherme and PDAnet), but I am having horrendous connection speeds. Now I have only tested it from my bedroom and I am about to go to other locations and test, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting your iPhone 3g speeds and also your speeds when you tether your iPad to your iPhone..

    I am using this handy little app called "speedtest.net"

    iPhone4 (iOS5) *Last run* (ps. my iPhone has only 3 bars and I'm running on 3G)
    Ping: 453
    Download: 0.04Mbps
    Upload: 0.38Mbps

    iPad2 (iOS5) *Last run*
    Ping: 492
    Download: 0.07
    Upload: 0.42

    A few quick things, I know these numbers potentially don't even make sense, and I hope when i switch locations that they improve greatly. I also thought it would be helpful if people got to see the different speeds that others are getting and can know what to expect from their phones and iPads.
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    If anyone cared, (and judging by the replies, NO ONE does) I retested my speeds while driving around the city just getting for a feel of what to expect from using my phone as a hotspot for my iPad and I received great results.

    At best I got 4-5 mbps download and about 1-2mbps upload. I was able to stream YouTube, xfinity tv, and use all of my apps (except Skype) very well. Surfing and basic non video apps work perfectly, but you will have to have relatively decent reception or connection speeds to stream video effectively.

    When the connection was strong, it worked as well as I hoped it would when I skipped out on the 3G and went for the wifi only iPad. When I tried Skype I didn't have the strongest of connection, but if Skype is the only program that doesn't work tethered, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    My only major concern I guess would be how frequently the connection speeds decreased and increased as drove around town. I'd assume this has nothing to do with the phone or the tethering, but the service that gave such spotty results. I have AT&T by the way. I guess if I had the 3G iPad and AT&T service I could expect similar results.

    Overall I'd say I'm SATISFIED!!!
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