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    In brief I have two things going on. Right after I completed the ios5 update on my iphone 4 my computer took its last breath and died on me. I am currently working on bringing life back into it, but here is my problem. Originally on my phone's calendar (after the update) all of my entries were doubled. I also noticed on the drop down notifications that all items were doubled. I went unselected all the calendars except 1 (blue icon titled "Calendar" under the heading "All from My PC"). I was able to eliminate the double entries in the calendar from showing up, but the double entries under the drop down notification bar are still there. Again it is only the calendar notifications on the notifications drop down that are doubling? Also, after my computer crashed I had to create a user on my wife's pc and then transfer my stuff to my itunes account logged in on her PC. I read an earlier post that you can go into your itunes account under "info" and deselect the calendar on the PC; however, I am syncing with icloud now and that feature is not available or even showing.

    Any suggestions? I am a somewhat new iphone owner (coming from blackberry) so if you give me a suggestion spell it out as if I just unboxed it please lol.
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