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    So I finally figured out how to download photos TO my iphone and ipad. I put them in a specific directory on my computer, select that directory under PHOTOS in iTunes and sync.

    What I can't figure out is the hierarchy/structure of the picture folders. When I click PHOTOS on my ipad, there are three options.. Photos, PhotoStream and Albums. The 2 photos that I downloaded are under Photos. The photos in the PhotoStream are the ones that someone sent me and I saved to my iphone. I assume if I take a pic with my iphone, it will save here as this is the directory that goes into the cloud and thus shows up on my ipad.

    IPAD looks like this.


    Under Albums there are two options CAMERA ROLL and IPHONE

    Iphone is the directory I set up on the computer into which I put 2 photos to be synced. The 2 photos I put in that directory shows up on the ipad in IPHONE and under PHOTOS.

    On my IPHONE, there is only ALBUMS and Places. (Don't care about Places, although there's a pin in Africa and no photos on my phone from there at all???)

    Under ALBUMS are four options - Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library and Iphone. The pics in iphone and Photo Library are the same.. the ones I had downloaded from my computer.Photo Stream has the same photos on both ipad and iphone. I assume they're the ones that are syncing in the icloud. Camera Roll has lots because I've taken lots on my phone.

    So basically there are pics all over the place and I can't figure out how to organize them.

    Can someone explain how photos move from folder to folder and the most efficient method of organization? I like things "neat" and these are as far from "neat" as can be. :o

    And.. what is the ipod photo cache folder that got added under the folder I put my photos on my computer that I wanted to sync. It has sub-folders labeled F00 - F50. There's nothing in them as far as I can see.
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