1. Gary86's Avatar
    I have my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S both on iOS5. I have my gmail set up the exact same way on both but my phone won't send emails. Tell me to check the smtp server.

    Like I said, both setup same way and the iPad works fine.

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    10-15-2011 04:03 PM
  2. GigaS27's Avatar
    How do you have it setup, Gmail Exchange or IMAP?
    10-15-2011 05:01 PM
  3. Gary86's Avatar
    Straight gmail from the options. But I just did exchange like my contacts and it's working now.
    10-15-2011 08:22 PM
  4. kikideath's Avatar
    Check the smtp server.

    All kidding aside, I'm glad it's working for you now. I've had a similar issue before in which I just had to delete my account then re-add it.
    10-15-2011 11:30 PM