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    Can we get a sticky on what apps are compatible with IOS 5 ?

    Here is a link that I found that will provide you with the latest information.... It has been well put together and you can categorize the view to fit your needs. It looks like they have been keeping it upto date.

    L I N K https://spreadsheets.google.com/lv?k...TZVcTNZekVqSmc

    If you know of any of these being updated.... please reply as I'm sure new updates will be released.

    I'm currently running the following apps on IOS 5 with no problems.....

    SBSettings 5.1.3
    Installous 4.0
    3G Unrestrictor 2.3.1-1
    Barrel 1.5.8-1
    MyWi 5.0 5.03.2
    PKG Backup 5.0.0
    Cydelete 2.0.5-1
    CleverPin 1.4-1
    DoubleAT 1.0
    Five Icon Switcher
    iFile 1.6.1-1
    Kill Background
    ScreenDimmer 1.62
    Wifi Booster 1.2

    APPS I've been adding slowly......
    Five-Column Springboard...... working fine
    Shrink.......... Failed Upon Respring... Needs Update.

    Widgets for IOS 5 Notification(Some use up too much space that I'm not willing to sacrifice)
    Omnistat.... Very Nice Add On
    BBSettings... (this is not SBSettings) it's nice, but I like SBSettings seperate from my Notification System.
    Slide Center... (I added a couple photos and it worked, but there is a period of time between photos that just stays blank)

    Hope this helps many of you.....
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    i try Mywi 5.03.2 trial it works fine.
    Download MyWi 5.0 5.03.2 [v5.03.2]
    10-26-2011 02:45 PM
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    i try Mywi 5.03.2 trial it works fine.
    Download MyWi 5.0 5.03.2 [v5.03.2]
    Can At&t still see Mywi?
    12-27-2011 10:30 AM