1. DjEli#WN's Avatar
    Hey guys i was a first time jail breaker yesterday and Jail Broke my IOS5 on my verzion IPhone 4 and i was looking thru Cydia and notice not a lot of stuff was up to date with IOS5 is there any that you guys can suggest that are? All i got so far was the add 5 icons to the bottom add on..Thanks

    P.S. If i wanted to take off Redsn0w off my phone and go back to how my phone was how do i do that? Thanks again
    10-15-2011 01:59 PM
  2. jeffrey1027's Avatar
    Restore in iTunes will go back to stock.
    10-16-2011 07:15 PM
  3. DjEli#WN's Avatar
    Cool thanks, much appreciated
    10-16-2011 07:47 PM