1. milindsaraswala's Avatar
    I am in Kuwait and I am using VIVA mobile network service. From when I bought the iPhone 4 I could not activate my FaceTime. But other friends who are using iPhone4 with VIVA can activate FaceTime.
    Then yesterday I upgrade my iPhone4 with iOS 5. Now as they change the interface so i can now activate my FaceTime with my Apple ID (i.e. email ID) and same for my iMessenger, it did active with my Apple ID. It becomes good for me that now I can video call FaceTime and message with iMessage. But the problem is that people now those who don't know my Apple ID and they have save my Mobile No is saved in their contact they cannot FaceTime or iMessage to me.
    Now also I could not activate my Mobile No. I am using WiFi in my home and office. And All ports are Open in my home and Office still it is not working.

    Can somebody help me for that.
    10-14-2011 08:57 AM