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    I understand that iCloud will not work with my XP computer. I sync my calendar and contacts with Google, not itunes. I have very little music on my phone and all of it is copied from CDs I own. Downloaded mostly free apps. I do take lots of pics and videos with the camera. Given the above set up conditions, will I miss not having iCloud capabilities on my computer? Will I still have it on my phone and ipad2? And just to show how little I know about iCloud, what exactly am I missing by having an XP computer? Can I just use iOS5 without using iCloud? Will I still be able to get OTA software updates, or will I have to still rely on itunes? And lastly.. if I sync contacts and calendar with google, are my contacts and calendar now immune to the issues some people are having when they updated to iOS5? Have not tried to download yet. Have read so many horror stories I got cold feet.

    This stuff is just too confusing to this non techie. Appreciate your replies.
    10-13-2011 12:20 AM