1. barbee72's Avatar
    Anyone else having this issue? My "+" icon is missing from calender and reminders. I cant add any events or reminders to calendar... played with the icloud settings, tried a restore on the phone too... but... nothing. Its not there. Anyone find a fix for this?
    10-12-2011 11:20 PM
  2. Virtual Steve's Avatar
    Had the exact same issue. Not sure what you meant by "played with the icloud settings", but this worked for me:

    Go to Settings > iCloud, and move the toggle switch from OFF to ON
    Exit the Settings and go back to the Calendar app. If you're lucky, you will now see both the Calendars button and the + button, or at least that's what finally worked for me.

    Optionally (assuming this worked for you), you can now go back into Settings and disable iCloud syncing of your Calendars. It will prompt you to either Keep on My iPhone or Delete from My iPhone (I chose Keep), and your + button should still be there. Hope this helps.
    10-14-2011 11:36 AM
  3. simons91#IM's Avatar
    Thank you SO much! I was unable to add events to my calendar or edit my contacts until I followed your advice to turn iCloud off and on, and now everything works again. Thanks again.
    10-14-2011 08:08 PM