1. Freiteez's Avatar
    my wife lost all her apps after restoring from backup on ios5, anyone know a fix?

    heard this is happening to a lot of people.

    and restoring from a backup takes about an hour so...yeeeah dont want to keep trying it over and over.
    10-12-2011 09:22 PM
  2. EvilJack's Avatar
    that sucks. seems to just happen from time to time. We lost all of the apps on one device also, but reinstalling from the app store fixed everything - including data. So in other words - apps were lost but the data wasn't. So it was an inconvenience but not the worst thing ever.
    10-12-2011 09:25 PM
  3. Freiteez's Avatar
    she had a ton of apps in different folders and such. about 2 pages of apps/folders and they were all organized so just redownloading them doesnt fix her organization problem haha
    10-12-2011 09:28 PM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    You could try this solution: http://forums.tipb.com/iphone-4-foru...restoring.html

    Good luck, I know it's a huge pain when you lose all that organization.
    10-12-2011 10:38 PM
  5. rednocturne307's Avatar
    Finally got my iPod touch 4th gen to install the update. Ugh this is a nightmare. None of my apps synced properly so I'm syncing them again so now they're all unorganized. Then somehow I ended up with 9gb of "other data" that better freaking disappear once this sync is finished. And on top of all this, I'm now seeing that none of my album artwork synced so all of my music is artworkless. What the hell, apple? I'm extremely disappointed in you right now. Setting up my iPhone 4s when it arrives better not be this freaking ridiculous.
    10-12-2011 10:40 PM
  6. rednocturne307's Avatar
    Never mind, the "other data" disappeared.
    10-12-2011 10:42 PM