1. NickB2005's Avatar
    Hey guys I got iOS 5 working and I went into calendar and turned birthdays off and thru don't show on my calendar but thru do show on my pull down notifications and I don't want them there anyway to get rid of them? I think the birthdays are from Facebook.
    10-12-2011 08:43 PM
  2. NickB2005's Avatar
    Thru is suppose to be they sorry
    10-12-2011 08:51 PM
  3. verwon's Avatar
    Try turning off the Facebook notifications.

    Mistress of Mischief
    10-12-2011 09:10 PM
  4. E_Brown's Avatar
    That's weird. I don't have any Facebook Birthdays showing up on my calendar. They never did though, so I'm okay with that. I have fb send me an email every week with birthdays, and put them in my calendar then.

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    10-12-2011 09:16 PM
  5. NickB2005's Avatar
    Verwon do you know how to do that? They don't show when I open my calendar app only in the pull down notification bar.
    10-12-2011 09:19 PM
  6. NickB2005's Avatar
    I want the other Facebook notifications just not birthday ones to show because then it doesn't show my more important stuff.
    10-12-2011 09:21 PM
  7. NickB2005's Avatar
    anyone have any update on this?
    10-13-2011 06:46 PM