1. jackthatripper's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I am in a pickle right now

    I am getting a good price on a like new ATT iphone 4 through a friend, but it is running stock 4.3.5

    I have been jailbreaking my phone for the past couple years, and I was curious if there is anyway to buy that phone and keep an untethered jailbreak.

    I was thinking that if it was possible to use redsn0w to have a tethered jailbreak, and somehow recover the SHSH blobs and try to do a downgrade back to 4.3.3

    If anyone has had any experience with this kind of procedure by accidentally upgrading or downgrading another person's device, please let me know how that went.

    Thank You
    10-08-2011 07:38 PM
  2. OlegWasHere's Avatar
    well once ios5 comes out im sure there will be an untethered jailbreak.
    the dev team did not want to expose a loophole so apple could just patch it on the gm seed.

    the only main difference is hardware and the siri assistant.
    i have an offer on mine for 500
    10-08-2011 08:52 PM