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    I am currently running ios 4.2.1 on baseband 3.10.01 on an unlocked iphone 4 using gevey ultra. I was thinking about upgrading to the new ios5 GM, and was wondering if I can use the gevey sim and if it will work with my baseband. Should I use redsnow or snowbreeze for the jailbreak if possible to use the gevey sim?
    10-05-2011 11:55 AM
  2. Germanese's Avatar
    iOS5 GM Gevey Ultra compatible =D
    100% working
    non-tethered since this is not a JB
    Preserve your BB

    Steps are here:



    I have been using this for about a day now.
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    10-14-2011 03:18 AM
  3. omarlash's Avatar
    Thanks! I kind of figured it out on my own while waiting for a reply. I pretty much followed all of the directions in that guide.
    10-14-2011 07:38 PM
  4. omarlash's Avatar
    For anyone else that will be using the Gevey Ultra sim, please note that the automatic process doesn't work as far as I am aware. You have to do the 112 method which wasn't required in ios 4
    10-14-2011 07:39 PM