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    I just got my 32 gb iPhone from Verizon a few days ago and decided to jailbreak it using, but the phone has been doing random reboots, freezes from time to time, and just overall sluggish.

    I have only installed a few apps/tweaks that have been recommended to me..

    I am thinking of undoing the jailbreak and try it again with a better jailbreak method. That brings me to my questions. How do I undo the jailbreak? What is the best jailbreak method to try afterwards? Is just a bad method or will I see alot of the same issues with any jailbreak method?

    Thanks for all the help! I am new to the iPhone. I have rooted my Droids with not too many issues so this is just odd to me.
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    Start by reading the TiPb forum rules.

    Next, read the jailbreak forums so you'll know that the only way to remove a jailbreak is to restore your iPhone as new.

    Finally, read the extant threads on to see the other issues people are having as well as what alternatives are out there.
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